Welcome to The Veggie Doc!

I'm Meredith and I live in Grand Rapids, Michigan with my husband where we are both resident doctors.  I practice ob-gyn as my full time job and am also an independent fitness and nutrition coach.
My heightened awareness of the food we eat began when I was in college and took a class about food ecology.  I learned all about sustainable farming practices, community shared agriculture, mass food production, and much more about where our food comes from and how it's processed.  We read books by Wendell Berry, Michael Pollan, Eric Schlosser, etc... Each week we took turns cooking food that was completely organic and locally sourced.  We worked on several farms in the surrounding area and learned what it's like to raise grass fed beef and lamb and grow organic vegetables and fruit.

I grew to love food in a way I never did before.  Being aware of where my food came from and what it could do for my body became my passion.  I found blogs and cookbooks and people who felt the same way I did.  I started eating and cooking for my health using local ingredients whenever possible.

This blog serves to share recipes and my views on food.  As The Veggie Doc developed and grew, I moved from Maine to New Hampshire to Michigan (all the while a Jersey girl at heart) and each place I go I learn as much as I can about local food sources and scope out the farmers' markets.

I love being an ob-gyn; I could not ask for a more rewarding job.  But after the babies are delivered, the surgeries are finished, and the illnesses cured, my patients go on their way and I don't always get to continue to address their health.  In medicine, we care SO MUCH about disease that we don't have the time to coach our patients on health.  This is why I became a coach, to spend my free time being my own boss, helping others GET and STAY healthy.  So in addition to my recipes, you'll see a lot of fitness and wellness here too!


Disclaimer: The statements and opinions on this blog are mine alone. They do not represent my practice or any other organization. Further, they are not a substitute for care from your own physician.