Tuesday, February 5, 2013

10 Things I'm Crazy About Right Now

Sharing my love for all different things...

1. Bragg Organic Sprinkle- I bring this everywhere I go if I will be cooking there.  Multiple people have taken pictures of it to remember to search for it in the grocery store.  It's a difficult little gem to find.  I even got some in my stocking for Christmas.  My new favorite thing is adding it to roasted sweet potatoes, but I've thrown it into almost everything that can benefit from the flavors.

2. Almond Coconut Milk- I. Love. Coconut.  Plain vanilla almond milk has been a staple in my fridge for about 3 years now but it was sent to the back shelf once I started buying this stuff.  I've been having a bowl of cereal or granola every night after dinner just to have some of it.  It's also great in smoothies, haven't tried it in my coffee yet, but it does make good hot chocolate!

3. My trusty old pair of Ugg boots- I'm from the generation of college girls who wore Ugg boots everywhere, rain, shine or snow, and probably donned them with leggings and a sweatshirt.  Actually maybe that generation isn't over yet.  I decided that stopped being acceptable in med school, so now they serve to keep my feet extra warm as slippers in my extra cold, drafty hospital house. 

4. Making the switch from snowboarding to skiing- My first year of med school I bought a snowboard and gear on a whim.  Thankfully I learned pretty quickly and spent the next two years boarding in Maine.  More than several severe bruises from falling and an expert skier boyfriend later, I decided to switch to skiing this winter.  I'm so glad I did-- no more falling, unstrapping, and I can (almost) keep up with Ryan (if he's skiing leisurely).  Anyone want to buy my old boots and bindings??

5. Anything and everything Michael Kors- Honestly, I don't want to wear another brand of clothing ever again.  Or shoes.  Or accessories.  Of course my budget disagrees so I'll be buying things slowly and on sale.  Thank goodness Macy's sends coupons every other week.  

6. Cooking with the waffle iron I got for Christmas-- who doesn't like homemade waffles for breakfast on Sundays, especially when they taste like vanilla and bananas and are healthier than your standard diner waffle?  I've also been flipping the plates over, because it becomes a griddle press, to make quesadillas. 

7.  Being halfway done with third year- Half done, half to go.  I keep this list taped to my door because I never remember the dates of our rotations and get a little bit of satisfaction when I can check each one off after 6 weeks.  We are both hoping that the next 4 fly by because we are getting super tired of living apart.  We've also decided on specialties-- both of which we've completed-- so really we're just chugging along for the experience now. 

8. These wine drops my cousin sent me for Christmas- I like my wine cold-- even if it's red, so I usually have to put ice cubes in it.  Problem solved with these little wine drops from Jenna!  This was such a thoughtful and personal gift since she knows I love wine, I've been using them every weekend!  Drink pictured below: Red Moscato Spritzer-- half red moscato, half seltzer, squeeze of fresh lime juice.  I thought I was buying Malbec a few weeks ago and instead I grabbed Moscato (we did not like it).  So I improvised and made this very [summery] drink instead.  

9. David Guetta Radio on Spotify- I'm finally marathon training again, and in desperate need of new music.  This is perfect because it automatically finds upbeat running music for me... and it's free!

10. Looking at this picture when I need a reminder that life is amazing and the good things are so simple- No that is not my child, although a lady in a store once thought he was because I was pushing his stroller.  That is Ryan's nephew, while we were babysitting at Christmas.  I love this picture, I love hanging out with them, and I love them.  It's that simple.  


  1. Hi Meredith! It's Esther Arrieta :) I'm loving this little blog you have going! Glad life is going well for you! I'll be following along your recipes look delicious and I'm always looking for something new to try.

    Also- almond milk is my son's FAVE! He calls it juice... because I dont buy him juice haha. I started giving it to him because he was having wayyyy too much dairy.

    1. Hey Es! Thanks for reading, I've been keeping up with your blog as well and I love it, your little guy is so adorable. Glad to hear from you!