Monday, April 22, 2013

Stepping Away

The blog has been pretty quiet since the beginning of 2013 and here's my attempt to try and explain why:

1. My priorities need rerouting- This year has been a tough one.  My schedule and focus changes every 6 weeks as I change rotations.  A little part of me gets knocked down every Sunday when I have to drive away from my boyfriend or put a mug of coffee in his hand and wave goodbye as he drives off.  Those two things, though the most important parts of my life, have put more stress on me than I would have imagined.  I can't change where we live, and I can't change the medical school curriculum, but I can simplify other parts of my life, including the planning and time that goes into the parts of this blog.

Costa Rica, Sunset

2. I am rethinking how much information I'd like out there about myself- Watching the news surrounding Boston has opened my eyes to how much information can be gained about a person just from looking at their various social media profiles.  I've made snarky, sarcastic comments about how pointless it is for people to update so often on Facebook, or post every thought and feeling that pops into their mind on Twitter for the world to see, but sometimes I find myself doing these exact things that I complain about.  Going forward I want to ask myself each time I formulate an update "Does this serve a real social purpose?" including sharing stories or personal information on the blog.

Summit Lake

3. I need less screen time- Waiting in line?  Check Facebook.  Bored at work?  Browse Pinterest.  Friend went to the bathroom while you're at lunch?  See if there's anything new on Instagram.  Yes, that is me, more often than I'd like to admit.  Part of the whole simplify-parts-of-my-life goal is to also detach from the social media apps on my phone and computer, because if the screen is in front of my face I'm usually doing something non-productive too frequently for my liking.

Outer Banks, NC

4. The vision is on hold- I started the blog to share veggie recipes, discuss food ecology, and point out where and how I was getting locally sourced food.  There hasn't been a whole lot of time to blog and even less time to seek out local food at this point in my life.  I have found myself shying away from those goals just to get some kind of recipe on the page to keep up with it, forgoing the original purpose of The Veggie Doc.

Ellacoya Beach, NH

It might sound like I'm being really critical of myself or making excuses, but if I've gained any wisdom (outside of medicine) from medical school, it's that stepping back and taking time for yourself is really important to be able to do.  I want to simplify life a little bit right now, before I get tremendously overwhelmed.  The Veggie Doc isn't over; I'm just stepping away for a while.  When I have the chance to reconnect with the locavore world and cook the way I want to, I'll pick right back up.

Until then!

Jersey Shore

It was only until this last photo that I realized all of my favorite, peaceful places are on the water.

"The waves of the sea help me get back to me."

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  1. hi, meredith!
    bravo for seeing your need to step back. i always find such peace when i take time to do that :)

    also, we emailed you, wanted to make sure you saw that you won!