Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Eating my way through New Orleans

I recently spent some time visiting New Orleans, part conference part vacation.  My mom came with me, and we'll both tell you that the best part of the trip was walking around the city and trying lots of restaurants and food.  Every free moment we had we were out touring, trying to walk down different streets and taking new routes and turns to see everything.

There was so much culture, diversity and variety.  We couldn't see it all, so I can't wait to go back-- especially to try more of the amazing cuisine:

Lilette in the Garden District:

Appetizer of sizzling shrimp-- we were surprised to see that they were served with the heads. 

Lamb with arugala and garbanzo bean salad:

Alaskan cod with sauteed spinach and radishes:

Don't remember the name of this place, but since they touted their thin fried catfish...

...I had to try a catfish po' boy, with garlic fries:

The Ruby Slipper:

Mimosa for breakfast with bacon, eggs, a biscuit and grits with cheese!

Cafe du monde, beignets and cafe au lait:

Random place we stopped for dinner, where I had cajun red beans and rice-- looks like slop on a plate but it was so delicious!

Muriel's in Jackson Square- crawfish crepes:

Vegetable soiree:

Who's ready to pack up and go with me?!

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