Tuesday, May 26, 2015

21 Days to Summer Challenge!

Can you believe May is almost over? 
Only 5 more days until we can countdown to summer!

This year has been full out workout ups and downs for me.  Between wedding planning and getting through my first year of ob-gyn residency, I can't keep up with myself!  

I was in shape for my cousin's wedding in August...
...indulged quite a bit in the pharmacy rep sponsored lunches at my office in September...
...kicked it back into gear before my bridal shower in November....
...enjoyed the holidays, especially the cookies....
...pushed through my workouts before my January wedding...

...and then I let it all go.  Occasional workouts and no real attention to eating.  So I shouldn't have been surprised to come home from my honeymoon in April (where I again indulged) and felt sluggish, tired, and unmotivated.  I was relaxed and tan, but I wasn't taking care of myself at home!  

For the past 3 weeks I've been seriously working my favorite program, the 21 Day Fix, and my muscles are coming back, my energy is up, and I'm feeling more like myself.  

Starting June 1st I am running a virtual 21 Days to Summer challenge group.  It is open to anyone and all of the workouts and nutrition planning can be done from HOME!  My job as your coach is to join a group of challengers together in a secret Facebook group to encourage, support and motivate each other through the next 21 days!

What is the commitment for a 21 Day Challenge Group?
  • Workouts are 30 minutes per day, 7 days a week
  • Take photos and measurements on Days 1 and 21
  • Follow the eating plan and use your containers
  • Follow the 21 Day Fix workout calendar
  • Commit to 21 days
  • Drink Shakeology daily
  • Interact with your coach and group on Facebook; share how you're feeling and encourage others to reach their goals
  • Equipment needs: dumbbells or resistance bands
Email me at theveggiedoc@gmail.com to be added to the Facebook group and join the challenge!  It would be my pleasure to be your coach!  Feel free to email me with questions as well!

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