Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Christmas Beginning

This is the first post of my new blog!  Starting a food blog has been a dream of mine for about two years  since I took a food ecology course in my senior year of college and developed a passion for cooking and finding locally sourced food.  I've been inspired by four of my favorite bloggers over at Daily Garnish, Oh She Glows, Peas and Thank You, and Yes, I Want Cake and I make at least one, if not several recipes from these four blogs per week.  I'm sure some of my favorites will show up from time to time on The Veggie Doc.  After months and months of cooking and reading, I've decided to finally develop my own site during my short Christmas break.

I am a medical student, and my life is often not my own.  I spend a lot of time on weekends planning meals and preparing food for my busy weekdays.  I don't always love studying, but I do love what I plan to do with this education, and cooking is often my respite from days spent learning in class and studying at a desk.  I have four roommates who often put up with my sink full of dishes, fridge full of ingredients, and a loud food processor, but I don't think they mind when I'm willing to share the results :)

I wear many hats in life: daughter, sister, cousin, and friend are the most important.  Medical student and big nerd are who I am at school.  Runner, snowboarder (Sugarloafer!), and Bar Method babe are who I am when I work out.  I'm a country music fan when I sing along in the car and a pretty big environmentalist.  My closest friends call me "baby dino" because of how much I eat and  "crunchy granola" because of what I eat, but I am not vegetarian nor vegan nor meat lover.  I am simply a food lover.  I eat all different kinds of food as long as it's as close to the source as I can possibly get-- and vegetables are my favorite!

Don't ask what kind of doctor I want to be-- I don't know yet.  I've had thoughts about probably 10 different specialties and still don't know which one I'd like the best.  I'll share my thoughts as I get closer to making that important decision.

I hope you enjoy the posts ahead!  I'll be doing a lot of cooking over this Christmas weekend and will have a cake-y post up next and hopefully a very eventful week of Christmas break.  Thanks for reading!

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