Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Cake Pops

Good afternoon!  Yesterday my best friend Gabi came to visit.  She works in New York City at a fancy hotel and rarely has days off, but luckily I got to see her twice this week!  She is one of the best cooks I know and has taught me a lot of what I know about cooking.  This was us in college:

We decided to do some holiday baking for the day and made cake pops!  I have only ever seen these in the display at Starbucks and have never made my own.  Gabi has though, and we managed to make close to 50 Christmas cake pops that I'm going to take over to my Dad's holiday party tonight!

Here's me with some of the results!  If only I could have gotten Gabi in the picture as well.  I don't really look much different than 3 years ago in college, do I?  Gotta love the family photo in the background. 
Directions on how we went about making the cake pops are up on my Recipage.  Sadly these weren't made from scratch for the sake of convenience and time, but I'd like to make some with homemade cake and icing next time!  This isn't my kitchen, by the way, I'm visiting my parents far far away from Maine in New Jersey for the holidays. 

I wish this second-post-of-the-blog could be longer, but my little wolf dog is coming to Jersey today and I can't wait!

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