Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Study break cooking

I am back, after a two week break from the blogging world.  That doesn't mean I've been away from the cooking world, though!  Often when I'm studying for a big exam, I use cooking as an excuse to take study breaks... here are a few things that I've been busy breaking for:

(a match made in heaven-- I probably ate four slices of this in one sitting)

Winter Vegetable Gratin from Super Natural Cooking

*If you check out the original bread recipe post, you'll notice mine looks nothing like that author's bread. I had an oven mishap... or maybe it's more appropriate to say a reading mishap, because I read 200 degrees C on her blog as 200 degrees F... and by the time I noticed my mistake (because really, what recipe in the USA is baked at 200 degrees??) it was too late.  My bread came out pretty flat and dense but it still tasted good.  I'm going to do a re-bake sometime soon.  And add salt to her recipe, for the love of all that's sodium filled.  

Will post soon with a real recipe!

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