Monday, May 14, 2012

Half and Half

Half of med school is over.  Half of med school is yet to come.  Did I ever mention that I get to go through med school with the most amazing boyfriend ever?

We're both kind of obsessed with LL Bean.  I swear, check our closets.  So we went up to Freeport on Saturday morning to celebrate being done with second year. 

In true Maine fashion, we decided to have lunch at a lobster stand.

Lobster BLT and lobster grilled cheese.  Absolutely yum. 

Then we stopped at my other favorite place in Freeport, the When Pigs Fly bread store!

 P and J, those pics are for you!

After looking at about 20 loaves of bread we decided on these two:

 The classic six grain and pumpkin seed...

... and an orange cranberry walnut loaf.  I also found an awesome new place to take much, much better pictures.  Natural sunlight on the back deck. 

I told you I'd be making jam on Friday afternoon.  R was my sous-chef:

Mashing up some blackberry jam. 

 Cooking down some raspberry jam. 

I save my old jelly jars for occasions like these.  Each of those batches was made with 1 small carton of berries, juice of half a lemon, and 1 tablespoon of agave.  We decided we like the blackberry the best of the two.

 Perfect breakfast!

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