Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pie in the Sky

This year for my birthday, I received a really cool kitchen toy from some pretty wonderful people. 

Yes-- an apple peeler, corer, slicer.  My aunt has one of these and I used it when I was younger to help her make apple pie.  So what did I do with mine?  Made apple pie!

I used 3 pink lady apples...

And four granny smith apples...

... and had the boy add the crumb topping. I won't talk about how some of them ended up shaped like crumb turds.  I had some crumb rearranging to do.

We barely waited 10 minutes before digging into it while it was cooling.  We're in desperate need of comfort food during our boards studying. 

First person to post telling me what brain lesion is called "pie in the sky" gets a homemade apple treat made with the apple peeler!  Seriously. 


  1. Looks most excellent! By the way a lesion of Meyer's Loop will cause a quadrantanopia aka "pie in the sky."

  2. And Eric is the winner! Apple pie, apple crisp, or apple cake?

  3. I'll let it slide that you should have wrote "superior quadrantanopia"

  4. Thanks! So after an in-depth and nearly exhaustive discussion with the B-Man, we've decided to go with the apple pie. It's a classic tour de force!