Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Whole Wheat Blackberry Cinnamon Rolls

It's close to 100 degrees here in Jersey today, and my chocolate lab wants to do nothing except sit outside in direct sunlight. 

She is 100% avoiding any shade.  We don't have central air, and she gets upset if I shut the back door, so I am taking the heat for the dog, turning off the AC unit, and letting her sit outside with the back door open.  

Am I crazy?  Yes.  Since I'm already sweating, I'm going to go ahead and fire up the oven to make some blackberry cinnamon rolls.  Ryan and I went fruit picking this weekend and came back with all of this:

Now I'm finding things to do with all of this fruit, aside from eating 2 peaches with every meal.  I can't share the recipe for Blackberry Cinnamon Rolls from the Peas and Thank You cookbook, but I can direct you to Mama Pea's blog where she posts the recipe herself.*

I made the dough and filling, rolled the dough into a large square, and sprinkled it with filling and blackberries. 

After rolling the dough into a log, I cut it into 8 pieces, ate one raw, and then put the other 7 into a baking dish.  It's okay if there is some extra space, the dough will expand into it.

I covered the dish with a clean towel and set in the warm (understatement) garage for 40 minutes to rise.  When I came back they were all snuggled together, filling any empty spaces in the dish. 

Baked for 20 minutes and here they are!  In all that time, the dog finally got too hot and the AC is back on.  Thank goodness because I really want to eat one of these with the icing on top while soaking in the cool air.  

*I didn't alter the recipe one bit, but where options are given for using organic dairy or non-dairy substitutes, I used organic dairy. 

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