Monday, September 3, 2012

Shout Out to Moms

I've had a lot of mom figures in my life:

The orchestra conductor who spent more hours with me in middle and high school than most.

B and L from my Friday night squad crew.

The biology teacher who talked me in into medical school.

My wonderful aunts who send care packages, birthday cards, and hand made decorations like these:

Then there the moms who go above and beyond to make my life easier.

My actual mom has the best job in the world because she's my mom, and the toughest job in the world, also because she's my mom.  She's the type of mom who sends you shoes in college because you've called home crying because you had to walk 2 miles to an event in heels that have cut up your feet.  The type of mom who brings a giant cooler of food every time she comes to visit and does all of your laundry while she's there.  She's the type of mom who understands that you'll only eat grass fed beef, so she buys 8 grass fed steaks, freezes them, then freezer packs them so that you can take them with you to New Hampshire so that she's sure you're getting enough iron.  I want to be that kind of mom.

Mom says she has a Jersey Shore crew and an LL Bean crew.
Can you guess which couple is which?

My boyfriend's mom probably won't ever have to send any of her four boys shoes because their feet are blistered from high heels, but she sure as hell takes care of their girls the best she can, myself included.  When she heard some of my cooking gear got wrecked (I won't rat anyone out on the blog), she sent me two new nonstick pans to replace it.  Ryan was not the culprit, in case you were wondering.  She trusts me to take over her kitchen every once in a while and cook.  And she knows me well enough to know that bringing me the extra crops from her farm share will make my day!

basil.beans.tomatoes.apples.peaches.onions.eggplant. zucchini

I was like in a kid in a candy store when she let me dig through all of this loot.  I have already used half of it to make a few veggie laden recipes to eat throughout this week, which I'll be posting over the next few days.  I'm still brainstorming a way to tackle that kohlrabi.

I don't think I could thank any of my mom figures enough for the impact they've had on my life, my own mama especially.  I can't wait to be a mom myself, someday, and I can only hope to be as flirty, fun, loving, beautiful, caring, smart, and witty as I have seen them be!  

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