Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Grain Free Granola

I can't take credit for this delicious recipe I'm about to share.  The credit goes to Lindsay over at Delighted Momma.  Believe it or not Ryan found this blog for me to read.  The author is a Type I diabetic who shares recipes that are sugar-free, paleo, and delicious.  Paleo is a type of eating that focuses on meat, vegetables, nuts and some fruit while cutting out sugar, grains, and dairy.  As much as I would love to cook this way for my family and take advantage of its benefits, my lifestyle right now just doesn't allow for every meal to follow the paleo guidelines.

I do however love this recipe and make it as often as every other week.

Grain Free Granola from Delighted Momma

Substitutions I make:
- Agave in place of honey.
- Unsweetened cocoa powder in place of carob powder.
- I add ground flax seeds in when I stir in the coconut instead of using whole flax seeds.

I also only make 1/2 the recipe because my food processor is small.  I divide it into 3 servings to avoid a total calorie bomb.  Although nuts and coconut oil and flax are all "healthy" fats, they are still fats and should be eaten in moderation.  

I buy all of my nuts and coconut oil at Trader Joe's because they have the best prices.  This is not a wallet friendly recipe if you buy these items at a standard grocery store. 

My favorite ways to eat this are (1) like cereal with coconut almond milk, (2) in plain yogurt with some peanut butter mixed in and (3) on top of my overnight oats:

Please let me know how this turns out if you decide to make it!

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