Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Update: March 2013

I've been majorly absent from this blog for the past few weeks.  I blame the pediatrics rotation.

First I caught a really bad stomach bug that had me out of commission for 3 days, subsisting on a diet of crackers, applesauce, toast, and bananas.

Then I had a pretty normal week but I traveled an hour each way to get to the peds office I was working at... no time or energy for adequate food prep.

Then I got slammed with some kind of illness in my last week of peds that turned into pneumonia.  That left me with no desire to eat and even though I'm all finished with my antibiotics, I'm still hardly eating let alone cooking anything blog worthy.

We have also been traveling through New Hampshire and Vermont to ski and visit friends and there hasn't been much time on the weekends to cook.

But today is the first day of spring (despite the fact that I dug my car out of a foot of snow this morning) and for the next few weekends I will be at home, hopefully hungry, and ready to cook with whatever early spring veggies I can find.  Get ready!  The Veggie Doc will return...

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