Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Summer Reading

I promise, this does relate to food.

In two days I finish third year of medical school.
48 weeks, 7 specialties, and countless hours in the car.
I'm ready for a break.
I'm ready to spend more of my week with Ryan than not.
I'm ready to focus my education on my interests.

And I'm ready to do some summer reading.

I don't really get summer now that I'm 3/4 of a doctor.
This is the point at which we are treated more like a doctor than a student.
I also have a board exam to study for, which should take precedence over fun reading.

But I was that girl who kept a log of each book I read during the summer.
The public library gave them out and put stickers up for each book you recorded.
I didn't like to lose reading contests.

Books in the queue:

Book I'm listening to in the car:

And my current obsession:

I can't get enough of the words on these pages.  Molly Wizenberg is the author of this memoir/cookbook.  Each chapter is dedicated to a memory, a snippet of her life story, somehow inspired or marked by a specific recipe that is detailed at the chapter's end.  I love that she can tell the story of her life through food.

Now, as I read through this book while wrapping up my time in NH, I am also attempting to cook my way through whatever I've got left in my pantry and fridge.  I don't like wasting, so someway somehow it will all get used.

I have one lonely pie crust.

Molly provided this recipe:

A plan of action was born.

I'd never heard of Hoosier Pie before.  A quick google search tells me that it is "Indiana's come-home-to dessert," (Hoosier, Indiana, I figured that one out) and it is often referred to as sugar cream pie.

Whatever it is, it was really good.  I don't know how traditional her recipe is, but I'd liken it to the toll-house-pie you can sometimes get for dessert at restaurants... but better.  Like an undercooked, soft, melted chocolate chip cookie... but better.

I can't share the whole recipe.  I abide by copyright rules and believe you should just go out and buy the book for this recipe and all of the others.  But I can share my pictures.

A pie crust is scattered with pecans and chocolate chips.

 The sugary batter is prepared and poured atop the pecans and chocolate.

Shortly after, a pie like I've never seen before comes out of the oven.

And it's gone almost as quickly as it was baked.

What are you reading this summer?  

The other books on my "to read" list include:
  • Pandora's Lunchbox- Melanie Warner
  • Mountains Beyond Mountains- Tracy Kidder
  • Cooked- Michael Pollan
  • When God Winks at You- Squire Rushnell
  • Call the Midwife- Jennifer Worth
  • An Echo Through the Snow- Andrea Thalasinos
  • The Light Between Oceans- M.L. Stedman
  • And the Mountains Echoed- Khaled Hosseini

Any good recommendations?

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