Thursday, October 22, 2015

Muscle Pants

Yes, I own these leggings.  No, I did not purchase them.

I've been all about anatomy since I was 16.  I loved high school biology so much that after the pig dissection in 10th grade, I went back to help out with the dissections the next year.

Senior year of high school, I did an independent work study project where I colored in an entire anatomy coloring book and gave a presentation on sports injuries and anatomy.

I wrote to the author of an anatomy textbook asking for his advice on applying to medical school (why??) and he sent me back an update copy of his text.  Too bad it wasn't Gray or Thieme, could have saved me a couple of bucks.  

In college I took a comparative anatomy course where we dissected sharks and cats and birds.. oh my!

Then I had the bright idea of becoming a doctor... specifically an osteopathic one... when, as students, we spent 3 hours a week in lab fixing each others' bones and muscles.

And now I'm a surgeon, of sorts.  Anatomy is kind of my thing.

So, I don't know why I was surprised that my mother-in-law and sisters-in-law left this anonymous gift of muscle pants in my pile of bridal shower gifts last November... but it got a LOT of laughs.

The muscle pants are almost one year old and they are making a star appearance in my November "Beat the Feast" Bootcamp.

In preparation for Thanksgiving indulgence I'm working with anyone and everyone who wants to keep moving and eat clean -- to make room for all the pie, of course -- BUT there's more.

  • Daily recipe posts- including crock pot meals and 20 minute dinners -- because I know my resident friends don't have more time than that and neither do my busy mom friends!
  • A personalized nutrition consult and meal planning session for every member...
  • ...AND "Muscle Pants Meredith" videos -- in the muscle pants -- teaching you perfect form and why our bodies benefit from lifting and moving properly during workouts!  

These videos are already in the works and I'm pumped to share them-- sign up, choose a workout program, and you're in!  Here's the link -->

If you've ever been considering workout out with me, now is the perfect time.  It's during these colder months that we move less, eat more, and pack in the holiday treats.  I'm trying hard to stay ahead of the winter slump this year-- I want that for everyone!

We start November 2nd!

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