Friday, May 18, 2012

Costa Rica- Day Two

Day two of our trip started with the breakfast buffet:

Tamarind and guava juice

One of the things that makes us such good friends is our love of good food!  We love eating and love cooking, so food is going to be a big part of this vacation!

Quesadilla with guac, rice & beans, plantains, and corn pudding   
After breakfast we walked along one of the two beaches on the peninsula.  The beaches here are right next to the jungle and there was lots to explore!

I tried to make it farther out onto the rocks... fail!
Biggest piece of drift wood we've ever seen!
Then we were on our way to spin class at the gym:

For dinner the hotel restaurant was having a Churrascaria night, where you get to try lots of different meats-- I believe it is a Brazilian type of tradition.  The waiters come around with big skewers of steak, chicken, sausage, pork, and you try a little bit of everything!

We started with the appetizer buffet:

Spinach, corn, hearts of palm gratin (amazing), plantains with proscuitto, and coxinha.
Coxinha was a mix of cheese, meat and mashed potatoes in a cornmeal crust.  I am anxious to try and make a version of the hearts of palm gratin when I get home.  Next came the churrascaria!

Sirloin, chicken, and bacon wrapped filet. 
I also tried the top sirloin and later on they brought us grilled pineapple (oh yea, Ryan, I tried pineapple!)  The top sirloin was by far my favorite.  Nothing like sleeping next to the sounds of the ocean after a satisfying dinner!

Maybe I'm really just a demon in disguise. 

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